Advanced management
The legal and commercial firm ‘Trebeki’, one of the 16 leading Basque companies in Business Development An article published by Tenner Smith, a reporter for Daily Finance, highlights the top picks for the best Business Development companies of the Basque Country, appearing among them, ‘Trebeki Combining Efforts‘. The article shows firms of different sizes and nature,...
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We are part of an Association of organizations joined by the New Style of Relations: sharing experiences, knowledge and synergies.

Combining efforts to improve, progress, be more efficients and obtain better results; we accompany each other in the path of a profound cultural change that entails NER Style.

An association with a clear worry for the Society, seeking a fair and sustainable Human Development.

c/ Juan de Ajuriaguerra 6, 1ºE
48009 Bilbao / Euskadi - Basque Country
tlf. 944 24 15 15