Social or Labour Law

Social or Labour law, as the indispensable complement to our integral advice, providing assistance to people and companies, solving problems that arise from the labour relations: we resolve labour issues, we draw payrolls up, social insurances, we do updates and salary reviews, and when applicable, we prepare sanctions, dismissal letters and claims to SMAC  and/or correspondant Court giving legal assistance.

Employment contracts, top executives recruitment, exclusivity bonds compromise, non-competition covenant, confidentiality pledge, collective labour covenants and agreements, Labour  and Social Security audit, company transfers and successions, downsizing plans (suspensory, layoff  or mixed), etc.
Documents elaboration and assistance to Inspections of the Relevant bodies.

We apply the Law using Common Sense

Trebeki Legal Services

Our main strength is shared knowledge.

Professionals from differents disciplines and experiences, work as a team to meet your needs in a comprehensive manner and to solve problems in the best possible way.

These are some of the services we provide:

Integral advice service to company creation, consolidation, growth and internacionalization

Skilled specialists in Cooperatives and others Social Economy organizations advisory

We help you with personal and familiar matters; contracts, purchases, tenancies, successions and wills, accidents…

Advice to persons and companies, easying labour relationships and solving day-to-day problematic

We look for solutions by your side, to achieve satisfactory agreements for the parties. Arbitration, Negotiation, Representation…

Penal Code reform requires that any size companies and entities must have and fulfill a procedures and good practices program

We advise on legal development of new technologies, from its civil, commercial, labour and penal perspectives

We offer you all our experience in property reliable operations; taxation, registration, urban and administrative analysis, contracts, purchases…

We face insolvency challenge offering the best solutions to concerned parties,  planning it under responsability and proceeding rigorously