Asian specialization


ASIA hosts countries that are in a continuous and great development. Globalization has increased the activity and the amount of operations in this continent, which has to be well known and understood for our companies before beginning any type of initiative or business relation.

INDIA and the Popular Republic of CHINA,
are nowadays two of the principal axes of the international activity of our clients:

The huge potential of CHINA seems to be unlimited. In recent years, its growth has been probably the event that most has modified the world of business. The complexity of its Administrations and a culture that collides with our knowledge, make necessary an efficient accompaniment through the process of business interaction, both for the realization of purchases and the identification of solutions in the productive area.

So is the importance of our activity in China that we have our own offices in Shanghai, counting with the help of professionals in the area of foreign commerce that have more than 20 years of experience, whose activities are focused in the Exports from Spain and the Imports from China: CHINA CONSULTING & COMMERCIAL.

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If China is considered currently as the “world’s fabric”, INDIA has earned everyone’s respect as “international laboratory” and as the center of the “precision and technological outsourcing”. Every entrance in this great country, requires of a good knowledge of the field, just like partners and collaborators that facilitate the entry in its vary and complex business scheme.

The team of TREBEKI and its alliances has a vast experience in the management of foreign markets projects and in the implementation of companies in AMERICA, providing our clients with an itinerary of services that comprise the realization of Diagnoses and Market researches, the Accompaniment to the different destinations and the direct or assisted Management of projects and companies. (Country Management)