American specialization


The American continent is one of the principal commercial destinations and implementation of our companies.

United States is the first world economy, an interesting focus for our objectives but, at the same time, an ethnocentric nation whose knowledge of other countries and cultures tends to be quite limited. This adds some obstacles to its high barriers of access.

On the other hand, Latin America is a great scenario for the positioning of businesses, even though each region and country has each own singularities that make it quite complicated, if different variables cannot be handled.

Feria WalterPack

The team of TREBEKI and its alliances has a vast experience in the management of foreign markets projects and in the implementation of companies in AMERICA, providing our clients with an itinerary of services that comprise the realization of Diagnoses and Market researches, the Accompaniment to the different destinations and the direct or assisted Management of projects and companies. (Country Management)