Basque Desk

  1. Basque Country through only one contact

TREBEKI Combining Efforts’ provides you with the necessary contacts so that you get to know people with professionals or companies from our region.

Our company provides an added value in this matter; having a big knowledge about the different economic sectors implies direct access to the business web of Basque Country through only one contact.


  1. Business contacts in Basque Country

Professional visits to Basque Country

We arrange your visit to Basque Country, providing you with the most suitable professional contacts according to your needs. We can help you with different accessory services, planning and organizing activities that contribute to the accomplishment of your objectives.

Iron and steel industry, metallurgy, motor and aeronautic auxiliary industry, energetic industry or gastronomy are, among others, the most remarkable sectors of the territory. Culture, nature, tourism… are also other areas of interest that stand out in Basque Country. We plan and organize personalized visits always following the best viewpoint of your needs.

The position of our professionals in the different sectors of the region will make easier the accomplishment of your objectives.

Special Events

We coordinate, organise and execute all those events and activities that you try to carry out successfully in Basque Country:

  • Wine tasting and gastronomic culture
  • Courses, seminars and congresses
  • Presentations of product or services
  • Public acts and established by protocol
  • Press conferences

Commercial Management

Whatever your demand may be it can be resoluted by the team of ‘TREBEKI Combining Efforts’; we attend your needs of analysis, selection, buying or selling of products and services.

We organize, plan and develop all the necessary activities to satisfy your commercial objectives.


  1. Facilities

TREBEKI Combining Efforts mainly operates within the most representative sectors of the region: iron, steel, gastronomy, energy, tourism, automobile industry…
But it also facilitates the transference of information, contacts and business with other sectors from Basque Country, such as services, technology, handcraft, etc.


  1. Personalized assistance

We can help you, as well, with other needs, such as:

  • Booking of hotels and restaurants
  • Specialised staff to your service
  • Organising of events
  • Business Centre
  • Technologic infrastructure
  • Tourism, leisure and spare time, etc.


  1. Legal advice and administrative transactions

‘TREBEKI Combining Efforts’ gives you the appropriate advice regarding commercial, administrative, tax and legal management and transactions. Your business activities and deals in Basque Country will be checked by a technical and specialized office.

Support infrastructure

Your presence in Basque Country can be guided by our technical and human infrastructure:

  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Interpreter, secretaries, guides, hostesses
  • Audio-visual material and projection
  • Office computer and computer equipment
  • Publicity and communication services
  • Marketing and multimedia services

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