NER Valores


In collaboration with K2K Emocionando, and hand in hand with Jabi Salcedo, we implement the “new relations style” (ner) in the business sphere. A “new relations style” that, departing from some values and essential principles, adapts to every organization and develops different techniques and personalized tools, allowing making organizational changes in corporate projects that need a deep transformation but do not know how to make with success guarantee.

In this implementation, we facilitate, revitalize and provide joy along with contrasted and successful experience to achieve this organizational change towards a management model radically different, based on the “new style of relations” where people increase their knowledge improving the overall organization.  Emotion moves us, stimulating others, making them feel the need of change, making them subjects of the process, and therefore, owners of a shared success.

Trebeki combines the work of implementing with the services of Advising, Management and Accompaniment throughout the process.

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