In a changing environment as the one where we live, all companies must take several decisions; some of them very difficult that require knowing and assessing all the variables and available options.
You must face several challenges:

• Promote and transform an area or activity
• Grow, by alliances or acquisition
• Project your activity in other Regions or Countries
• Maybe you have think about selling your activity?

You must be able to analyse and decide with a major objectivity, optimizing resources without allowing mistakes.

You need support and experience that helps you to reflect, to Foster the changes in the organization.

You desire to be proactive and no reactive: You spend a lot of time in analysing the situation. You are not sure that the data obtained are reliable.

 Therefore, in Trebeki Management Systems:

  • We help you to reflect and to find new paths
  • We accompany you in the implementation of actions in order to achieve the desired objectives
  • We assist you during the action’s settlement stage
  • We provide you professionals that fulfil your needs


“Study and Management of the organization to help to generate the necessary profitability and liquidity, as well as key elements to grant competitiveness and continuity”



  • Business Planning and Viability
  • Finance and Economic Planning
  • Cost Study and Reduction
  • Financing Sources: search and negotiation
  • Treasury management and optimization
  • Reestructurations (Operational – adaptation to the cost structures, process externalization, relocations; and financial – search of alternatives, renegotiation,)
  • Sell Preparations
  • Informatic systems for the business management: Search of solutions and support in the implementation of informatic management systems (ERP, CRM, …). Connection and interlocution Partner-Company.
  • Business Intelligence: Modeling of business processes, indicator management and data measurement (dimensions, reporting, dashboards, KPIs, …).
  • Own development under Microsoft tools (Excel y PowerBI)
  • Support in the implementation of external tools (QlikView).
  • Training in management to own employees (treasury, planning, planned companies closures, report elaboration, spreadsheets…)