Who we are



With an experience of more than 35 years, the group of people that composses Trebeki, is joining efforts and knowledge for the improvement of the development of business, legal and professional activities of our clients; small companies, medium sized companies and big corporations that require effective solutions and bet for our values and efficiency.

TREBEKI Combining Efforts combines present efforts, implicating in future projects, helping to born, grow, consolidate and settle projects in other regions and countries, counting with each own team in our country, Europe, Asia and America.



  • We offer ethical, efficient and close advice: those are our best tools
  • We want to be participants and colaborators of the business model transformation processes
  • We provide experience, compromise and versatility. We want to accompany you throught the whole process, especially when problems arise.



We are part of an Association of organizations joined by the New Style of Relations: sharing experiences, knowledge and synergies, combining efforts to improve, progress, be more efficients and obtain better results; we accompany each other in the path of a profound cultural change that entails NER Style.

An association with a clear worry for the Society, seeking a fair and sustainable Human Development.