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Make in India
The Indian MSME sector has been in the center of attention for economists, advisory council, the Ministry of MSME and multiple other stakeholders. This sector alone is responsible for contributing 8% to the nation’s GDP, adding 40% of the country’s total exports and has also witnessed consistent growth of 10% over the past few years...
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INDIAN DESK: If China is considered currently as the “world’s fabric”, INDIA has earned everyone’s respect as “international laboratory” and as the center of the “precision and technological outsourcing”. Every entrance in this great country, requires of a good knowledge of the field, just like partners and collaborators that facilitate the entry in its vary...
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Indian Desk Trebeki Acompañamiento
Mapp Law Chambers has recently participated in several conferences to increase awareness about the vibrant business opportunities presented by the growing Indian economy. In May 2017, Mapp Law Chambers conducted a business conference in an entrepreneurial club in Ribera in the Navarra district of Spain. The conference saw participation of over 20 companies representing different...
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